Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie To Spend Honeymoon Filming As Unhappy Couple In 'By The Sea' Straight After Wedding

'It's Not Lost On Us What A Strange Honeymoon It Is'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be making a film during their honeymoon, where they will be playing an unhappily married couple.

The A-list pair, who wed in secret last week, have shared a few more details about the film 'By The Sea', which they are already filming in Malta.

They told Hello! magazine, "It's not lost on us what a strange honeymoon it is."

Brad and Angelina will be spending their honeymoon filming together

The first pictures of the famous couple's wedding, held in the privacy of their French chateau, have surfaced, in a joint deal with US Weekly and Hello! magazine. The pictures reveal Angelina's veil, covered with artwork created by the couple's six children, and pictures of the whole family getting ready for the ceremony in their private chapel. More here...

The couple, who have been together for nine years, last co-starred together in the film 'Mr and Mrs Smith', the film that brought them together.

'By The Sea' is from script written by Angelina. She recently revealed that it was something she wrote about three years ago and has been sitting on and thinking about.

"I’ve been playing with the idea of it. It’s a little independent experiment. It’s about giving ourselves the freedom to just be artists, it’s an art film."

The film, 'Unbroken', which she directed, telling the extraordinary story of Olympic athlete turned prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, comes out on 26 December.


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