02/09/2014 06:53 BST | Updated 02/09/2014 11:59 BST

LG's New TV Is Covered In Swarovski Crystals

First lasers, and now crystals. LG is showing that even though it can make great-looking smart watches, it's never above doing something a bit odd.

In this case it's LG's newest curved OLED TV. On its own the TV was a bit of a stunner but for whatever reason LG has taken the decision to add some bling by throwing 460 Swarovski crystals at it.

Each crystal was added by hand and -- according to LG -- turns the TV into a work of art as well as being a top-of-the-range television.

LG's Curved OLED TV is just 4mm thin and weighs 16kg. The entire display sits on top of a smooth crystal stand which is designed to make the screen appear as though it's floating.

OLED displays offer a number of significant advantages over their LED and LCD counterparts.

The first of which is brightness and contrast: OLED TVs use individually lit pixels which mean that when turned off the pixel can show a much darker black.

They can be printed onto surfaces allowing incredibly thin displays like those found on the latest smartphones and on LG's Curved OLED TV.

If there is one negative it's the relative cost. Despite becoming commonplace on flagship smartphones and tablets, manufacturing large TV-sized OLED displays is still extremely expensive.

This probably goes some way to explaining why they only appear on TVs encrusted with crystals.

The special edition Curved OLED TV will be on display at IFA this week where punters will be able to look, but not touch.