Susanna Reid Asks Former 'Downton Abbey' Star Dan Stevens If He Had To 'Beat Off A Lot Of Men' To Land Movie Role In 'The Guest' (VIDEO)

Why Did Susanna Reid Leave Dan Stevens In Hysterics On The 'GMB' Sofa?

Susanna Reid's foot met her mouth not once but twice on Thursday's 'Good Morning Britain' during an interview with former 'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens.

The actor (and most of the 'GMB' studio) were left in hysterics when Susanna asked him if he had to 'beat off a lot of men' to land the role in his latest action flick, 'The Guest'.

And then, she asked him AGAIN.

“You play this apparent all-American hero and this is a big opportunity for you in Hollywood," Susanna said. "You must have had to beat off a lot of American men to get this part?"

Cue Dan turning into a gibbering wreck and Susanna innocently asking: "Why does that make you giggle?

"Did you not have to beat them off?" she asked again, completely none the wiser.


Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid


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