The Politics Of Reclining Your Plane Seat - Where Do You Stand On The Issue?

How Do You Feel About People Reclining Their Plane Seat?
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Picture this... You're going on holiday and have arrived at the airport two hours before your flight.

You've gone through the rigmarole of checking in, had the relevant security checks (always a pleasure) and have probably queued for thirty(ish) minutes to board your flight. Patience is, admittedly, wearing thin - and you're probably feeling a bit peckish.

Finally, you're called forward to board the plane. You find your seat, fiddle about with your baggage in the overhead compartment and make yourself comfortable.

And then the person in front of you does the unthinkable... they recline their seat.

For some, this act might even go unnoticed. But for an increasing number of people, the line has been crossed (in a 'this means war' kind of way).

Last month, a United Airlines plane had to be diverted after a passenger used Knee Defenders (a set of clips that lock airline seats in place) on the seat in front. Maybe it was the air pressure, but the situation soon escalated ending with the reclining female passenger throwing a cup of water over her male nemesis.

The mile-high brawl made headlines worldwide, with Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones sharing her views on the whole debacle: "I have huge sympathy for the man who didn’t want his meal overshadowed by a woman in front of him who desired all the comfort of business class but was too cheap to pay for it."

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A poll by The Huffington Post , showed that 55% of fliers thought it acceptable plane etiquette to recline a seat during a daytime flight.

That said, just 16% believed it was okay to use a Knee Defender.

Now we want to know what you think. If the person in front of you on a plane reclines their seat, does it make you mad? Or are you happy for them to carry on in comfort?