08/09/2014 06:10 BST | Updated 08/09/2014 06:59 BST

Meteor Strikes Nicaragua As Giant Asteroid Misses Earth

A meteor has hit Nicaragua, leaving a crater that's around 39 feet in radius and over 16 feet deep. The impact was believed to have taken place at around 11pm on Saturday 6th September.

Locals reported hearing a loud booming sound that evening but were left mystified until today when the government released an official statement confirming the strike.

The meteor landed a few miles from Managua's International Airport. With an Air Force base in the vicinity the site was quickly cordoned off by military officials while an investigation took place.

Officials from the Nicaraguan government have stated that they believe the meteor may have broken off from an asteroid that has been passing close to the Earth.

NASA revealed earlier this month that a house-sized asteroid would be making a particularly close visit at a distance of around 25,000 miles.