Katie Price Fires Back At Kelly Brook Over 'No Curves' And 'Common' Comments In Her Autobiography, 'Close Up'


Katie Price has responded to comments made by Kelly Brook, who has claimed the former glamour model would be deliberately brash when they were on joint photo-shoots in the early days of their careers.

In excerpts from her forthcoming autobiography ‘Close Up’, Kelly writes: “The only competitive one among us [page three girls] was Katie.

Kelly Brook

“She obviously has a sweet side to her character but I felt as if, around me at least, she would be brash and common for the sake of it.”

Katie Price

Pricey has never been one to keep her opinions to herself - just ask her former pal Jane Pountney if you don’t believe us - and has now hit back at Kelly with an icy statement in her latest magazine column.

Writing in the new issue of Now magazine, Katie says: “Last week I was called ‘brash and common’. Apparently, being a glamour model was the wrong job for me because I have no hips or curves.

“Yes, Kelly Brook has a book out - and it suggests she’s followed my career closely. Being common, posh or whatever your background is shouldn’t stop you living your dream!”

Bizarrely, she then opts to borrow some country star wisdom, and adds: “I have no problem with Kelly. As Taylor Swift sings, haters gonna hate… But I’m gonna shake it off.”

Well that clears up what song Katie’s been listening to on repeat lately, if nothing else.

This is far from the first time this famous pair have come to blows, after Katie claimed on her radio show earlier this year that she doesn’t think Kelly’s relationship with David McIntosh will work in the long-term.

Meanwhile, last year Katie branded Kelly a “heifer”, and the two have previous beef over their shared ex-boyfriend, Mr Charming himself, Danny Cipriani.

Read Katie's full column in the new issue of Now magazine, out now.

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