iPod Classic Dead: Goodbye Old Friend

The iPod Classic is dead.

Once the world's favourite music player, and objectively the best (non-touchscreen) iPod ever made, the iPod Classic was a remarkable piece of its tech for its time.

The iPod was first unveiled 13 years ago with the promise of placing "5,000 songs in your pocket", and was updated many times after that. It eventually splintered into Mini, Nano, Shuffle and Touch forms - though the 'Classic' always retained the basic design of a scroll wheel below a rectangular screen.

The last Classic edition was released in 2008 and came in three sizes - 80GB, 120GB and 160GB, all with hard drives rather than the more modern solid-state storage used on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

But even as tech moved on, the Classic retained a user base thanks to that incredibly high storage size, and the reliability and simplicity of a gadget dedicated solely to music playback.

Alas, time passed. The Classic suffered in sales once so many Apple customers switched to the iPhone, and now Apple has decided to discontinue the gadget once and for all.

As of Tuesday, the iPod Classic can no longer be ordered or bought at Apple stores. You can't even find it on the clearance or refurbished sections. The iPod Classic is finally dead.

So goodbye, old friend. You gave us some great memories, and tunes, and you changed the world.

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