Apple Watch Battery Life: What Is Tim Cook Hiding?

Considering the Apple Watch stole almost all of the limelight from Tuesday's launch event there were still a surprisingly large number of unanswered questions about Apple's first ever smart watch.

The most worrying of which was battery life. Tim Cook didn't mention it - not once. That already had alarm bells ringing.

Then when journalists were finally able to get hands-on with the device Apple employees remained equally as tight-lipped about the staying power of their new toy.

Eventually spokespeople from Apple were coaxed into actually talking about it confirming that they expect people will be charging their Apple Watch every night. Luckily Apple has provided a handy new magnetic charging cable for the device - but the point remains, you'll be using it a lot.

And we're still not sure about the details. Is a one-day battery just enough for casual use? Or does that include a 10-mile run? It was an answer but certainly not a definitive one.

Well John Paczkowski, a writer as re/code believes he knows why things have been so foggy. The answer is that quite simply, Apple isn't happy about the Watch's battery life.

Paczkowski cites inside sources as saying, “It’s about a day right now,”. 'About' is probably the bit that's worrying Apple at the moment.

Paczkowski goes on to say that Apple is already working to make tiny improvements and adjustments to make sure that even with intensive use the watch can make it through to the end of the day.

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