smart watch

“Mobile phones and other digital devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smart watches can provide important relevant information and help us investigate what happened."
it can even take an ECG reading of your heart ❤️
The Apple Watch is, as Apple will very happily tell you, the no.1 watch in the world. That’s pretty astonishing when you
The experience of using both at the same time has been interesting to say the least. On the one hand (well, wrist), there's Apple's third generation Watch, which has come on leaps and bounds since the first one and is finally starting to provide a more compelling argument that iPhone owners need one in their lives.
This hasn't been historically true for the Apple Watch. So far, Apple's followed the market - adding a heart rate monitor that doesn't do much, GPS but with very poor run tracking - and in many ways lagged it's lagged behind its competitors, but putting it all into a much more desirable package.
The smartwatch age is upon us. Rumours of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, and despite two years of negative headlines it seems that smart wrist devices are here to stay. But the Swiss watch world don't seem to have got the memo.
It makes me less stressed. It's one of the few pieces of wearable technology that I've tried in my career that actively, and successfully helps me get through a bad day... The Apple Watch's Breath app isn't going to cure depression, nor is it claiming to solve every social problem you have. What it does do though is give you a place to start.
The Apple Watch Series 2 is here, and while on the surface it might look very similar to the original, there are some key