'Great British Bake Off' Judge Mary Berry 'Was Not Manhandled' By Danny Dyer At TV Choice Awards, Says Mag's Editor

'She Took It All In Good Humour. No Damage Done!'

Danny Dyer “did not ‘manhandle’” ‘Great British Bake Off’ judge Mary Berry at the TV Choice Awards on Monday night, according to the magazine’s editor.

It had been reported that, when heading up on stage to collect the award for Best Soap as part of the cast of 'EastEnders', Danny had been seen putting his arms around the ‘Bake Off’ judge and leaning in for a kiss.

Mary Berry

However, TV Choice editor Jon Peake has now set the record straight on his Twitter page, insisting that what happened on stage between the two stars was all in good fun:

A spokesperson for ‘EastEnders’ has also panned the reports that Mary was “not at all impressed” with Danny’s behaviour towards her, claiming: “Danny and the rest of the cast had a great night celebrating their wins which was all the more special for Danny as he won his first Best Actor award.

“With regards to Mary Berry, Danny did affectionately give her a kiss on the cheek. He is a big fan.”

Danny and his partner, Joanne Mas

After there appeared to have been some confusion about whether the award on stage was actually his, Danny then launched a tirade against presenter David Mitchell, claiming the ‘Peep Show’ actor and comedian was “f***ed without his script”.

The actor, who has also starred in ‘The Football Factory’ and ‘Mean Machine’, attended the TV Choice Awards with his long-term partner Joanne Mas, and his two children.


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