The iPhone 6 Is Selling Out Already


Apple's iPhone 6 was always going to be a success but even Apple can't have predicted the popularity of latest smartphone.

Just an hour after pre-orders began on its website and various mobile carriers, some models are already sold out -- if you wanted to get one by release date, that is.

The dispatch date for the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB has already hit four weeks on Apple's website, while the iPhone 6 16GB and 128GB are now on a 10-day dispatch time.

If you want to slip through the net however then the 64GB iPhone 6 will still only take 7-10 days and the same applies for the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple will also be selling the iPhone 6 in-store from the 19 September when the phone is released worldwide. With fans queueing up already however there's every chance that you might want to wait a few days first.

Apple's iPhone 6 is the company's largest yet and comes with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display while the iPhone 6 Plus is even larger clocking in at 5.5-inches.

Both will feature Apple's new iOS 8 software and will be compatible with Apple's first ever smart watch, the Apple Watch.

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