Roald Dahl Day: HuffPost Editors And Readers Pick Their Favourite Ones

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"If my books can help children become readers, then I feel I have accomplished something important," said Roald Dahl, and as we celebrate a day named after him, we can't help but think how pleased he would have been with his achievement.

In our opinion, there is no author more universally loved than Dahl, across borders and races, languages and generations - his books span them all.

Twenty-four years after his death, it is a love affair that hasn't diminished at all. His children's books helped us escape from the tyrannies of childhood, saw us cheer when the baddies got their come-uppance, and even as we grew up, learned that his adult books were equally as humorous, talented and addictive.

Take a look at the favourites from our readers and HuffPost editors. And do tell us your favourite Dahl books in the comments below!

Roald Dahl Day: HuffPost Editors And Reader Favourites