Is A Great White Shark Lurking Off The Coast Of Cornwall?

Footage which purportedly shows a Great White shark gliding through the waters off Cornwall has emerged.

Captured on camera phone by fisherman Nigel Hodge, the 14ft long beast was spotted some 20 miles off Falmouth.

Fisherman Nigel Hodge filmed this shark gliding through the waters off the coast of Cornwall

According to the Ocearch satellite tracker, the 15-ft, 2,000lb carnivorous fish – named Lydia – was en route from Florida.

But the shark off Cornwall’s coast is unlikely to be Lydia. Or any Great White for that matter.

Is it a Great White shark? The experts can't agree...(file picture)

Indeed Britain’s Shark Trust has branded the most recent reports identifying the creature as a Great White as “too hasty.”

A spokesman for the organisation told Huffington Post UK: “Expert opinion secured by the Shark Trust states that following frame by frame analysis of the footage, in a professional edit suite, it is 100% not a White Shark.”

It adds: “Note D1 [Dorsal fin] shape and position; shape of pectorals; some frames show animal apparently filter feeding… It’s a juvenile Basking Shark.”

Stand down...

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