iOS 8 Features: Here's Everything That's Changed

Apple iOS 8 is out today. Ok so actually it'll be available to download from 6pm BST. Along with a new number iOS 8 has hundreds of new features, most of which are hidden but some will revolutionise the way you use your iPhone or iPad.

Before you even consider updating it's important that you backup your iPhone. Even if you have WiFi backup enabled it's better to be safe than sorry and either wirelessly backup now or plug it into your computer and manually push it all up to iCloud.

This will protect your photos, messages and settings from what could be a problematic download process. With millions of devices expected to download the update in one evening there's every chance that you won't be able to download it first time around.

Our best piece of advice would be to wait until the morning, or, if you're really patient: Wait until Apple automatically pushes the update to your phone. You'll see a small notification on top of the settings app giving you the cue to download iOS 8.

For now though take a look at all the new features that you can look forward to on your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. It'll also be available for recent generation iPad's and iPod Touch's.

Third-Party Keyboards

Apple iOS 8 Features