Moto Maker Launches In The UK

If you've ever wanted a phone with a back made of bamboo and a hot-pink trim, today's your lucky day.

Motorola has launched its innovative 'Moto Maker' website in the UK, allowing users to build their own custom version of the new Moto X smartphone.

The tool allows you to pick between different finishes for the backplate (leather, wood and matte), two front plate colours (black and white) and various options for 'trim', which affects some details on the edge.

You can also order the phone with your Google account pre-synced, and with an engraving.

The phone, which starts at £419 (you pay extra for materials and memory) was described by our reporter as a great step forward for Motorola in our recent hands-on.

If you want to play around the tool, and maybe even order one of these thing, powerful and beautiful Android goodies, head to the Motorola website here.