Unsurprisingly, people aren't impressed...
The dynamics of the mobile industry fascinate me. In the past 30 years, it has developed from a fledgling, niche market into
It's the gadget casualty we see most often. On our bathroom floor, on the pavement (that's a sidewalk to the Americans among
Google is holding a live event this evening where the company is expected to unveil two brand-new smartphones, the Nexus
Motorola has unveiled new versions of its Moto G and Moto X family of smartphones -- Moto Play and Moto Style, in a bid to
Google's latest flagship smartphone the 'phablet'-sized Nexus 6 has sold out in just minutes after becoming available in
Motorola has -- a month later than planned -- finally launched the Moto 360 smart watch in the UK, the Android Wear device
This is the Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 smartphone, it's the company's next flagship phone and will launch running the latest
What happens when you drop that phone though? I have insurance on my phone and thanks to the fact almost everyone else has