17/08/2018 13:14 BST | Updated 17/08/2018 14:44 BST

Motorola P30 Comes Under Fire As 'Shameless Rip' Of iPhone X

Unsurprisingly, people aren't impressed...


Can you spot the difference? On the right is Apple’s flagship handset the iPhone X while on the left is Motorola’s newest phone the Motorola P30.

Some have even gone so far as to call it a “shameless rip” of Apple’s flagship phone.

While the P30 certainly shares the “notch” at the top of the screen, Motorola certainly aren’t the only company to have used this design in their phones.


Despite this many believe that Motorola’s phone goes far beyond simply using a few of the same design choices. Technology blogger Marques Brownlee tweeted: “Introducing Motorola P30 Pro: Our most shameless rip yet.”

Writing on the technology site Trusted Reviews, writer Alan Martin called the decision “disappointing”.

“What’s particularly disappointing about this is that Motorola has been amongst a minority of companies that are happy to innovate in the smartphone space,” writes Martin.

He then went on to suggest that Motorola also took some further inspiration for one of its colour choices from Huawei’s P20 Pro which again, does share some small similarities to the design of Apple’s flagship phone.


US tech site The Verge said the P30, “looks exactly like an iPhone X with a Huawei paint job.” It even went a step further and asked Google’s AI to identify an image of the P30 and found that Google thought it was in fact an iPhone X.

For now the phone is being exclusively launched in China and Motorola hasn’t confirmed any plans to release it anywhere else.