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Digital poverty is still impacting schoolchildren and their families in the third lockdown, with thousands lacking the tools they need.
Users of Android devices have reportedly been among the worst hit.
A follow-up message will now be sent to reassure those worried by alerts. But “ghost notifications” cannot be stopped.
"It records the minimal amount of personal data and most of the data is only recorded on the phone," says one cyber security expert.
App launched in England and Wales on Thursday, after months of delay
The NHS Covid-19 app will be released this week but questions remain unanswered about how it has performed during testing.
An increase in employee surveillance around the world brings with it urgent questions as we imagine what work in a post-covid world might look like, writes Hussein Kesvani.
A ban could see millions of users in the US cut off from the popular app.
The order will prohibit any US transactions with the Chinese-owned parent companies of the apps, citing national security concerns.
The app's China-based corporate ownership creates a security risk, administration officials say.