Nappy Ad Will Have You In Tears (Video)

Nappy Ad Will Have You In Tears (Video)

This Japanese advert for Pampers nappies is a reminder that a baby's first birthday is also the anniversary of the day your life transforms and you become a mum. And we promise it'll have you wringing out your hankie!

The advert shows a group of new mums taking their one-year-old baby to a check-up with their GP. However, they don't realise that outside in the corridor, their partners are conspiring to make the visit far more than a run-of-the-mill doctor's appointment.

Inside the doctor's office, the women share their experiences of their first 12 months as a parent. "I was so unsure when she was a newborn," one mum confides. "I'd worry myself to tears almost every day."

"My first thought when he turned one was 'I haven't slept properly in a year'," laughs another.

Outside, it's also a time of reflection for the dads. "I feel really bad about not being as present as I should have been," one father admits.

As a tribute to their wives and partners, the dads decorate the hallway with photos from their first year as mums, alongside touching messages.

Most of the women are brought to tears as they leave the doctor's office and notice the display. And you can hardly blame them when you see what's written beneath.

"I almost cried when you first said hello to our son," reads one, while another simply says: "Thank you for deciding to do this."

There's one more surprise when the women exit the surgery - their husbands and partners are waiting to greet them with a 'birthday' cake congratulating them on making it through what the advert calls 'the most trying year of your life'.

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