Jodie Marsh Strips Naked To Promote Her JST Jodie Supplement Brand (NSFW PICS)

Jodie Marsh Strips Naked In The Name Of Self-Promotion. Standard.

Jodie Marsh's allergy to clothes shows no sign of clearing up any time soon judging by these saucy new snaps of the model-turned-gym-bunny.

The super-toned reality star stripped off to pose in a series of flesh-flashing pics with male fitness model Antony Hill to promote her own JST Jodie brand of nutritional supplements.

Jodie Marsh

Lads' mag favourite Jodie is no stranger to getting naked, but even we were blushing at some of the more explicit pics, which see her lying completely naked on top of her co-star, save for a pair of leopard print stilettos.

Speaking about the photoshoot, Jodie said: "The whole reason anyone trains to be fit, strong and healthy, is ultimately to look sexy whether they admit it or not - I do."

We've included some of the tamer photos here but you'll find more at and (but just don't do it while you're at work).

Earlier this year Jodie received an apology from the online fashion retailer, ASOS, after she was likened to a man on Twitter.

The furore kicked off after a customer tweeted the company asking why they didn't use models with a more manly physique.

Jodie Marsh

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