19/09/2014 15:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Billie Faiers' Baby Daughter Nelly Meets Her Great Great Grandmother

Instagram/Billie Faiers

Billie Faiers has shared an adorable photo of her baby daughter Nelly getting to know her great great grandmother.

When Nelly was born on July 10, her proud aunt Sam Faiers tweeted that the birth marked a momentous occasion in Faiers family history.

"So amazing to have 5 generations In our family now," she wrote. "We have a great great nanny."

Today (September 19), Billie uploaded the sweet Instagram photo above, showing the oldest woman in the Faiers family cradling the youngest one.

She captioned the shot: "Awwww Nelly and her great great nanny .... #family #love"

Billie's Instagram followers quickly responded to the picture, commenting on how big baby Nelly has grown and complimenting great great nanny's stylish blue blouse and brooch combo, as well as her sleek pink manicure.

It's clear that Nelly is doted on by her great great nanny (is that a hand knitted baby blanket we spy draped over the chair arm?) - and she's not the only one, Billie has also got her mother, Suzanne Wells, roped into helping with childcare.

"Like any first-time mum I was really nervous at the beginning, but it comes naturally now and I've had so much help from my mum." she told Mother & Baby.

"It's really nice to have her around all the time - I'm not going to have a nanny because I've got her."

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