Two Adults Act Out A Kids' Pretend Job Interview, And It's Very Funny Indeed

Typical. You wait ages for one funny-slash-adorable lip sync video, and two come along at once.

Yes, as well as bringing us these two children miming a conversation between an elderly couple, Bored Shorts TV have made the very funny 'Kid Snippets' video above.

"We asked a kid to interview his little brother for a job," they explain." This is what they came up with."

Bored Shorts then took the audio of what those two boys said - and got two men to act it out, lip syncing perfectly to the kids' audio. The result is both hilarious and sweet, and full of gems that only children could come up with.

(Note to self: next time we're asked why someone should hire us, answer: "I just want to be hired! I'm really good at pushing buttons.")

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