Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea's ‘Booty' Music Video Causes A Twitter Storm With X-Rated, Sexual Content (VIDEO)

Is J-Lo And Iggy's Music Video Too Sexy?

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have unveiled the video for their collaborative effort ‘Booty’ - however, not everyone is happy with their efforts.

The video has already notched up over 2 million views on YouTube, but it seems as though the duo’s sexy moves have left a number of people disappointed.

The music vid includes a lot of this

‘Booty’ - the clue as to the video’s content really is in the title - sees J-Lo and Iggy celebrating their curves, so it’s not exactly a total surprise that the single’s music video sees them flashing the flesh.

Nevertheless, these fans really aren’t happy…

It hasn’t exactly been an easy month for ‘FANCY’ rapper Iggy, who is currently at the centre of a huge dispute over an alleged sex tape.

While the star initially denied ever creating an x-rated film, her reps later claimed that any clips showing Iggy must have been made while she was under the age of consent.

Is Jennifer and Iggy’s video a little too much? Watch it below and decide for yourself…

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