iPhone 6 Destruction Videos: 7 Ways Apple's New Phone Has Been Broken On YouTube


In the context of technology reviews, the word 'smashing' used to be a slightly old fashioned adjective.

Now it's a verb.

One of the curiosities of modern technology culture is that as soon as something new is released there are a crowd of YouTubers and videographers willing to buy one just to smash it, burn it, crush it or stab it in slow motion.

Why? Because there's an audience for this torture. There are people who want to know how far they can push their gadget until it breaks. Some people appreciate the modern irony and symbolism of destroying something so many of us crave.

Others just want to watch the world burn.

No other gadget inspires this kind of horrible destruction more than a new iPhone. It's the highest profile gadget release of the year and probably the best for online ratings.

As Sean Kirkegaard, one of the minds behind the new destruction-themed tech show Crush Test put it in a quote for HuffPost: "we're hoping to do a Crush Test featuring the iPhone 6 in the very near future - nothing smashes like the latest tech".

Indeed. In just a few days since the iPhone's release more than a few of the 10 million first-weekend sales have been burned, stabbed and smashed for no very good reason.

Here are some of the lowlights of that total waste of money, time and technology OR highlights of that humorous literal skewering of modern gadget obsession and consumerism OR middlepoints of some funny-ish videos:

Microwaving It

How To Destroy An iPhone 6

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