Man Queues Two Days For iPhone 6 To 'Win Back Wife'

Darius Wlodarski from Bristol queued 44 hours at the Bristol Apple Store in order to 'win back' his wife by buying her an iPhone 6.

The Bristol Post reports that despite splitting up over a month ago he's determined to win his wife back by buying her the new iPhone.

“I bought her an iPhone 5 two years ago and she was delighted...she told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realised we could not afford it but still, I want to buy it for her.”

According to the Bristol Post, Wiodarski paid for the iPhone using a credit card with the phone estimated to cost just under £800.

Speaking to the paper he goes on to explain why he's decided to queue for two days:

“Since we split up, I have realised that I was not a very good father or husband.

“I am very happy to get something she will like but for me, it is a sad day.

“I hope I can convince her I could be a good father and husband.”

A local restaurant had reportedly been providing Darius with free lunch and dinner in order to help him get through until launch day.