Star Wars Producers Actually Wanted An Anti-Drone Shield

The Makers Of Star Wars Want An Anti-Drone Shield

Star Wars Episode VII might potentially be one of the most-anticipated films of all time, so understandably the producers are rather keen to make sure it doesn't get spoilt.

Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks, super fans have been sending their drones high above the sets at Pinewood Studios in the hopes of getting a glimpse at what will be in store.

Well it turns out that Pinewood had already thought of this eventuality and had made plans to have a 'Drone Shield' installed.

The 'shield' would consist of a network of sensor equipment which would detect when a drone is overhead, alert the teams and then also record the drone's activity for legal purposes.

Sadly Motherboard reports that the team never actually got the system installed as their export application never went through.

So for now the skies are free and clear, which is great news for spoiler hunters and bad news for the rest of us who have been savouring J.J. Abrams own tongue-in-cheek easter eggs.


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