23/09/2014 07:16 BST | Updated 23/09/2014 07:59 BST

This Dog's Owners Set Up A Hidden Camera To Find Out How He Was Escaping From The House. This Is What The Footage Showed

We have a message for dogs. And it is this: you can't get away with anything anymore. Oh, no.

Because we humans are on to you. With hidden cameras.

First we had the hidden camera that revealed how this beagle was stealing chicken nuggets from an oven. Then, there was the hidden camera that showed how this German Shepherd was helping his little puppy friend to escape from her kennel.

And now? Now, there's this dog - who was somehow getting out of the house whenever he was left home alone. And so unbeknownst to him, his owners set up a camera. Check out how he was making his great escape, above.