23/09/2014 07:07 BST | Updated 23/09/2014 07:59 BST

Gary Lineker Involved In Twitter Row With Telegraph Over Foul-Mouthed Tweets

Andrew Yates/WPA-Rota
Prime Minister David Cameron (left) and Gary Lineker (right) watch a football match at St Bridget's Catholic primary school in Birmingham, as they visited the school to watch sporting activities.

Gary Lineker was involved in a Twitter row with a Daily Telegraph journalist following a report claiming the BBC had warned Lineker about his foul-mouthed tweets.

Lineker posted colourful language during Leicester's extraordinary comeback against Manchester United on Sunday - the first time United had lost from a two-goal advantage in almost 30 years.

One of Lineker's tweets read simply "Fucking hell!", and was followed at the final whistle by: "Shat on Man United!"

Lineker followed that denial by posting: "Anyway enough of that! I'm done swearing until Leicester beat Manchester...fucking...City."

When Lineker's language was highlighted in the media on Monday morning, he responded: "Dear papers, if I can't swear when Leicester come from 2 goals down to beat Man Utd 5-3 then I never can. Thanks though for your concern."

However, he became embroiled in a spat with the Telegraph's Ben Rusmby after he wrote the BBC had warned Lineker about his online conduct.

The Telegraph quoted the BBC as saying: "Gary's is a personal twitter account but we regularly remind him of his responsibilities around football based tweets."

Rumsby has previously backtracked on a financial fair play story in which he admitted to "speculating" on Manchester City's possible punishment.