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Find Out How A Nigglefix Could Improve Your Life

Why A Nigglefix Could Improve Your Life
Presented by Triumph
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We’re sure all women would agree, life would be much easier without so many annoying little niggles. From painful high heels and rude co-workers to sagging jeans and never-ending toilet queues, there’s just so many to deal with.

We’ve highlighted some of the many niggles women have to put up with.

At Triumph we’ve managed to solve one niggle that many women encounter on a regular basis: the much-hated uncomfortable bra.

Our new Magic Wire bra has been invented with every woman in mind. We’ve replaced the traditional wire with a clever piece of silicone providing all the support of an underwire with the comfort of none.

The new Magic Wire bra available in a range of styles up to an F cup

Find out what other people had to say about Magic Wire.

But an irritating underwire is just one of many niggles women face on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Huffington Post and created a hub for women to find and share solutions to some of life’s most annoying niggles. As we believe that by putting our heads together we might be able to fix a few more.

So share your niggles, and any solutions with us using #nigglefix, you never know someone might just have a magic solution.