iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test, From 7,000 Feet, While Wearing A Wingsuit

iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test From 7,000 Feet

This is getting out of hand. In the game of one upmanship this guy has won all of the iPhone 6 drop test videos.

Apparently just dropping it as soon as you've bought it is too 'novice'. Instead you need to take your iPhone 6, get into a plane, wait until that plane reaches altitude and then wingsuit out of the plane.

Just to confirm, you still have the iPhone 6 Plus on you, because obviously you wouldn't drop it at this point as that'd be silly.

No instead you wait until you reach 7,000 feet and then you drop it. You then do a couple of tricks and land safely.

The most incredible thing about that entire experiment was not that the iPhone didn't hit someone, it was that the iPhone actually survived.

Admittedly it had a cracked screen -- which you'd expect -- but aside from that it was working fine.

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