Caitlin Moran: We Shouldn't Judge Celebrities For Not Being Feminist Until They're 30 Years Old

From Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, female celebrities have long been put under pressure to pledge their support for "the sisterhood".

So what does feminist extraordinaire Caitlin Moran think about female celebrities who outwardly say they aren't feminists?

The author of How To Be A Woman, and more recently How To Build A Girl, says we shouldn't judge celebrities who are under 30 years old.

Speaking to HuffPost Live, Moran says: "They're so young - at that age I still thought I was a bit psychic and would go around saying to people 'I think I knew you in a past life!'

"I think you have to forget anything anybody says before the age of 30."

Moran goes on to say that women who don't identify as feminists "obviously just don't know what those words mean yet."

She adds that if she ever meets these celebs at a party, she'll be sure to educate them on the true meaning of feminism.

That's one party we'd love to attend....

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