Chinese Restaurant Owner Admits To Serving Food Laced With Opium To Make It Addictive

Sometimes, we have such a hankering for chicken chow mein, Szechuan pork and prawn crackers that we seriously wonder if we're addicted to Chinese food.

But one restaurant owner was not content to rely on his customer's natural desire for a good Chinese meal - he decided to ensure his food was actually addictive by lacing it with opium.

According to CNN, the noodle vendor - identified only as "Zhang" - has been detained for 10 days after admitting he added the drug to his dishes in the hope it would make his customers come back for more.

Zhang's twisted scheme was only discovered when a 26-year-old man named Liu Juyou was stopped by police in a routine traffic check.

Juyou tested positive for opium use, having consumed a bowl of Zhang's noodles earlier that evening. Juyou was detained by police for 15 days, reportedly until other the police discovered other "opium users" in the area had eaten at the restaurant.

Zhang is now in police custody, and Juyou is back eating delicious (but drug-free) Chinese food.