This 'It's Not Rape' T-Shirt Is Outrageous

This 'It's Not Rape' T-Shirt Is Outrageous

Philippines department store, SM Supermalls, has caused outrage for selling a t-shirt with the slogan, "It's not rape, it's a snuggle with a struggle".

How does this happen? No, really - who designed this immoral, insensitive INCREDIBLY offensive message and who in merchandising approved it?

Karen Kunawicz, a SM Supermalls customer, shared a photo of the t-shirt which was being sold in the boys section of the store on Facebook this week - which subsequently sparked mass fury online.

For obvious reasons, the image has received thousands of likes, shares and comments on Facebook and Twitter. Trivialising sexual violence is completely unacceptable on every level.

The t-shirt has since been pulled from the store and the company has released the following statement:

"We have been informed via social media that we have a T-shirt in stock with a message that we too find unacceptable. We do not tolerate such action.

SM does not support such irresponsible and malicious acts that mock important and sensitive social issues. We have immediately pulled out all the t-shirts of the consignor that distributes them, and we are investigating why it was included in our delivery of assorted T-shirts."

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