29/09/2014 10:34 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lulu Guinness Celebrates 25 Years Of Novelty Handbags

25 years ago, British designer Lulu Guinness launched her handbag collection with the 'Lulu' - a black leather briefcase-style filled with practical pockets inside.


The equally charming 'Rose Basket' and 'Little House' bags soon followed and just like the famous 'Perspex Lips' originally launched in 2008, Guinness' unique accessories are nothing short of iconic.

Her secret? They are "feminine and sophisticated with a dash of humour," she told us in an interview, in keeping with her own vintage-inspired style.

Lulu's designs aren't focused on trends, either - another reason why so many of them have become fashion classics.

Lulu Guinness

"I like to react to what is in the now, I respond to what I feel excited about whether that is wearable technology or delicate British craftsmanship," Guinness told us.

"I get my inspiration from everywhere, from an interview on the radio to simply looking out of the window and something capturing my interest."

As for what she likes to carry in her own handbag, her two priorities come as no surprise.

"I'll always have red lipstick (of course), a compact with a mirror and my latest creation that I want to tell everyone I meet about."

Love Lulu's bags? See 10 of her most iconic styles from the last 25 years below: