Outrage As 10-Year-Olds Become School 'Packed Lunch Police'

Parents are up in arms over after a primary school appointed 10-year-olds to act as 'packed lunch police'.

Year 6 kids at Hall Road Primary Academy in Hull have been given the power to inspect other children's lunches to make sure they don't contain anything unhealthy.

Parents have now started a petition to stop the initiative, claiming their children are scared to open their lunchboxes.

The parents' move follows a letter sent home from the school which stated: "Year 6 will be packed lunch police and will be checking what children have in their lunches, with warning slips given if lunches do not meet our standards and awards for those that do.

"Your packed lunch may include bread, pasta, crackers, rice, wraps, meat, cheese, fish, small yoghurt, fruit and vegetables.

"In order to be a healthy school, your packed lunch may not include crisps, chocolate spread, fizzy drink/energy drinks or food that needs heating up, eg micro chips."

Mum Brooke Johnson, 34, who started the petition, has Charlee, seven, and Riley, five, at the school.

She said: "It's crackers. I decide what my children eat for lunch, not a 10 or 11-year-old.

"My little girl came home from school starving because she hadn't dared open her lunchbox.

"She knew I had packed her sandwiches, crisps, a sausage roll, a small chocolate bar and apple juice.

"I don't see why she should risk being given one of these warning slips by another child just for eating her packed lunch. It's ridiculous.

"If these kids are inspecting my children's sandwich fillings, how can I be sure they are washing their hands after going to the toilet and aren't picking their noses? One six-year-old boy was given a warning slip just for having a Kellogg's cereal bar."

But head teacher Caroline Holliday defended the initiative, saying: "This healthy-eating campaign has been driven and implemented by our children themselves."

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