30/09/2014 12:14 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Georgia May Jagger Reveals Beauty Secrets

When a supermodel shares her beauty secrets, we sit up and take notice. These latest tips and tricks? They come from Georgia May Jagger, the face of Thierry Mugler's signature fragrance Angel.


In an interview with the French fashion house, the 22-year-old star spoke about her favourite fragrances and shared a few beauty tips passed on from her famous model mother Jerry Hall.

"I like how scents remind you of certain times or people. I recall the Angel scent for many years from my mother so I have always had a kind of nostalgic attachment to it," Georgia said.

It's no surprise to hear Hall has been her biggest influence when it comes to her love of perfumes.

"My mum gave me the best lesson in how to properly wear fragrance," she added. "I used to watch her when I was a little girl and she would stand in her underwear and lightly spritz fragrance into the air, then she would walk into the mist so that it lightly scented her skin and hair. I've have applied my perfume in the same way, ever since."

Thierry Mugler

While her own beauty mantra is very simple - "lots of sleep and water" - Georgia can't go without a few skincare and make up essentials.

Simple face wipes and Tracey Martin moisturiser are two of her favourites, along with Ren's Renewal Serum, Rimmel red lipstick by Kate Moss and Scandaleyes mascara.

"I also like to use hair masques or a really great conditioner as I have a lot of products used in my hair for shoots so it's good to keep it from getting too dry," she said.