02/10/2014 14:09 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gin &Amp; Tonic Perfume Is A Thing

Sure, you love a good gin and tonic (heavy on the ice and lime) but would you actually want to smell like one?

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The Library of Fragrance are stocking 28 of its signature everyday scents in Boots from 9 September, so you can get your hands on a perfume that will "rekindle your memories".

That is, if you're game for smelling like Play-Doh, crayon, bubble gum or baby powder. Mmmm.

And if you don't fancy that *widens eyes* there's always the dessert options: hot fudge sundae, fruit salad, creme brûlée and chocolate chip cookie. Did we mention the condensed milk scent?

For those not feeling these kooky little "pick-me-up" perfumes, the New York brand also has a collection of more traditional scents. Think jasmine, cherry blossom and Bulgarian rose.

There are even seasonal scents to really embrace an occasion with. Because who doesn't want to smell like a Christmas tree? Who?

Take a look on the The Library of Fragrance website right here ahead of the launch in Boots stores where they will retail at £15 for 30ml. Bargain, no?

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