06/10/2014 07:58 BST | Updated 06/10/2014 13:59 BST

Giant Spider Web Blocks Pensioner's Garage In Wiltshire

UPDATE: We owe you an apology. It now transpires this massive web was (although still quite large) a bit smaller than we originally thought. Armed with a rather illuminating photo of the chap whose garage this is, the Telegraph have explained all here.

A pensioner was left without the use of his garage for three days after a rather terrifying spider spun a huge six-foot web across its door.

Russell Harding, 74, was horrified to find the web stretch all the way from his car's wing mirror to his shed.

Oh, and it also had a huge inch-and-a-half spider sat in the middle.

The web and the now redundant door

Harding, of Colerne, Wiltshire, said he was "mystified" by the creation and how the spider managed to span such a distance.

"I don't understand how the spider did it, it was incredible," he said. "I'm just mystified.

"It was right across the path way, I had to move it to walk through, I managed to detach it from my wing mirror and move it 90 degrees to a bin so it was still in tact but we could leave our house.

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"The spider itself was about an inch-and-a-half wide, we think it was a she because of the size, she was very big.

The architect

"I have never seen a web that big before.

"My wife would have actually passed out if she had walked into the web. There would have been a lot of screaming.

"Fortunately it had been a very dewy morning which highlighted the web so I saw it before I walked into it."

The web, which appeared overnight last Thursday, disappeared after three days.