Alien Worlds Of Our Solar System, Side-By-Side, In One Picture

What does our solar system really look like?

There are tons of visualisations which point out how vast and distant the spaces between our planetary neighbours really is.

There are also lots of familiar and spectacular pictures of the planets and their moons - but they're also hard to grasp in terms of what it's like to be there.

Fortunately, we have actually been to a few of the different plants and Moons in our solar system, and have the pictures to prove it.

Two visualisations of that are doing the rounds on the internet, and both are spectacular.

The first comes via NASA (and the various other space agencies involved in taking the pictures, including the Japanese Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science, which landed on the asteroid Itokawa, and the Soviet Union’s Venera 14 spacecraft, which landed on Venus). It was composed by Mike Malaska, according to NASA.

The water planet? That's us.

The picture was highlighted on Reddit, alongside another similar image. You can see that image on Imgur, though it should be noted at least one of the pictures (of the Earth above the Moon) appears to be Photoshopped or edited.

In fact it turns out there are lots of versions of the Reddit picture - all of which appear to have modifications, changes or spoof additions. Best stick to the Nasa one above...

Hat-tip Gizmodo and Reddit.