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A UK-led team has made the "stunning" discovery.
This week is your best chance of spotting Venus and Mercury in the sky, as a rare cosmic coincidence means both planets are furthest away from the sun. Here’s where and when you can catch them.
The makers of Always sanitary products announced this week that they were removing the female symbol from their packaging to be more inclusive of the non-binary and trans community. Activists CJ Atkinson and Fox Fisher speak about the online reaction, how they feel about the campaign, and the importance of including trans and non-binary people in conversations about periods.
Venus is orbiting inside Earth's path, and as it comes round and gets closer to Earth it reflects more light from the sun, appearing brighter and brighter in the east before sunrise – much to the delight of social media!
One of the biggest games of this generation just got bigger.
It's being caused by a planet-sized gravity wave.