Here's What Venus In Retrograde Means For Your Love Life

Plus, what you should and shouldn’t do during the astrological event.
Baac3nes via Getty Images

What happens when the planet that rules all things love and beauty goes retrograde? And while we’re at it, what actually even is a retrograde?

You’ve most likely heard about Mercury retrograde — it’s when Mercury appears from Earth to rotate backwards and seems to send all things communication and technology into a tailspin.

Car broken down? Mercury retrograde. Sent a sext to your grandad by mistake? Mercury retrograde.

But did you know all the other planets of the solar system can go retrograde, too? And Venus’s turn is set to take place from July 22 to September 3rd.

What does Venus retrograde mean?

In astrology, the planet of Venus represents all things beautiful — art, good food, beauty, attraction and love. The Roman goddess of Venus was the human embodiment of all these things, encompassing love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory.

We can assume, then, that this Venus retrograde will have something to do with some of those areas, and we wouldn’t be wrong, as TikTok astrologer Liv confirms in a video all about the upcoming astrological event.

“We may be able to observe relationships falling apart, more people breaking up during this time period,” she shares. “And you may notice that former lovers, even old friends or distant relatives start to bubble to the surface, too, and try to reconnect.”

This could be a time of letting go of past flames and situationships that aren’t serving you and allowing you to thrive. And a new love story could be on the horizon for some of us.

Those whose sun or rising signs are ruled by Venus — looking at you, Libra and Taurus! — should especially watch out this retrograde, as the effects will be amplified.

The dos and do nots of Venus retrograde

TikToker Divine Raven Tarot shared more about the effects on our relationships, plus her ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in a video: “You don’t want to make any impulsive decisions when it comes to your finances, as well as career.

“Venus does rule over relationships and love, platonic love, but it also rules over finances. So be very careful when it comes to spending,” she shared.

She also says that, as tempting as it might be with the chaotic energy going on, don’t hand in your notice at work. “Once Venus goes direct again, you might end up regretting that,” she explains.

And for those of you who love cutting and dying your own hair during times of crisis, put down the box dye and scissors. She says that it’s important not to be impulsive around your appearance, too, as you’ll likely end up regretting it after September 3rd.

So what to do? Look after yourself: “You should focus on healing during this time. Any retrograde has a lot of lessons to learn when it comes to healing and finding closure from the past,” says the creator behind the Divine Raven Tarot account.

“Do focus on self-love and boundaries during this time. People are gonna be acting crazy. It’s not selfish to set boundaries and prioritise your own peace during this time.

“And lastly, do pay attention to the themes that are presented to you in your life because it can tell you a lot about what’s keeping you stagnant and how to overcome it as well.”