'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse Pictures: October 2014

The 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse Was Insanely Beautiful

There was a Lunar eclipse on Wednesday 8 October 2014, and it was spectacular.

A blood moon occurs during a certain type of Lunar eclipse, which itself is caused by the Earth positioning itself between the Sun and the Moon.

At this point the Sun's rays pierce through the Earth's atmosphere, removing the blue light and effectively coating the Moon in a reddish glow -- hence the nickname 'Blood Moon'.

The lunar eclipse is a relatively rare event. This is the third since 2011 but the second this year.

Alas we weren't able to see it outside from Europe, as we were on the wrong side of the planet, but luckily both NASA and the Slooh robotic observatory were live streaming the whole thing.

But there are some spectacular real images too. Here are our favourites.


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