This Incredible Machines Makes, Folds And Fires Paper Aeroplanes

This man has created what can only be described as one of the greatest advances in stationary warfare since someone worked out that an elastic band could be wrapped around your hand as a gun.

YouTuber Papierfliegerei has created a handheld machine which takes flat paper, folds it into a paper aeroplane and then fires it, effectively cutting the preparation time by easily 90 per cent.

Below the video he describes the machine as nothing more than 'a little tinkering from me'. He is of course mistaken, because what he has created is a remarkable advance in the world of 'things we never knew we wanted until now'.

The gun is almost entirely 3D printed and was built from scratch. Sadly he has no plans to turn his creation into a product you can actually buy but that doesn't stop you crossing your fingers.

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