British Egg Week: How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Budding foodies rejoice! We have the secret to glorious, melt-in-the-mouth scrambled eggs.

So what's the technique?

Kickstart your delightful bit of brekkie by cracking open three farm fresh eggs into a bowl (if you can do it without getting rogue shell fragments in the mix then well done you).

The joy of going farm fresh is that you'll have super orange yolk, which results in a really healthy looking scrambled egg dish.

Meanwhile the trick to getting a fluffy texture is to incorporate air into the mix with a good bit of whisking. Put your back into it.

When it's all mixed together, and the egg whites and yolk have merged to create a runny orange substance, you will need to season with salt and pepper.

Next, grab a small nonstick skillet and put it on your hob on a low heat. Emphasis on the low heat. If you put it on a high temperature setting then you're going to end up with crispy-looking egg biscuits. And nobody has time for that.

Take a nob of butter and swirl around the pan, then add in your well-seasoned eggy mix.

Stirring the egg while it's in the pan is an important part of the process, although you'll have to watch the video to get to grips with the successful egg-swirling motion.

The final tip? Your eggs will continue to cook even when they're off the heat, so pull them off a little earlier.

Et voilà! Not a dry egg pancake in sight.

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