Photographer's Quirky Pictures Of Newborn Baby Son Go Viral

Neli Prahova

When professional photographer Neli Prahova became a mum, she turned her lens on her newborn son. Not an unusual decision, you might think, but Neli's pictures of baby Leonardo are unlike anything you've seen before.

One photo uses not much more than a rug and some crafting materials to turn Leonardo into a fluffly white angel, while another whimsical snap appears to show the smiling newborn pinned up on the washing line alongside his babygrows.

Neli Prahova

The most impressive aspect of the offbeat pictures is that the London-based photographer used everyday items as props to create the cute and creative images.

Her ideas, she explains, arise organically from what she sees in the world around her. "Household items like paper plates and bottle caps to scarves, cut out flowers and real vintage pearls - it's all about the idea, and then you start brainstorming."

Neli, who started her career as a wedding photographer, now regularly does newborn shoots for parents charmed by her whimsical sensibility.

Neli Prahova

"Though parenthood is a natural feeling, many new parents are very unsure how to handle a baby especially for the poses required for the photos," she explains. "If you want to have beautiful photos of your newborn you are better off leaving the job to the professional."

"But if parents are nevertheless eager to try to photograph their baby themselves then I recommend they do this in the first 10 days after the baby is born as this is the period when the baby still sleeps a lot and its easier to put him/her in the right position."

Neli Prahova

Although her images of dozing babies look almost impossibly calm and serene, the London-based mum stresses that getting her subjects posed just right takes an enormous amount of time and effort.

"Photographing children is very fast paced as they never stay still. But newborns is all about patience as it takes often a long time to rock them into sleep in order to take those adorable newborn photos."

You can see more of Neli's work on her website. And for a warning against reaching beyond your grasp when it comes to home-made baby photography, check out our hilarious gallery of botched baby pictures below...