'Cross' Found On Mars

'Microscopic Martian' Found On Red Planet

Last week's edition of 'look what odd but not alien stuff someone found on Mars' was a goodie. So let's play it again.

UFO hunters have found a cross on Mars.

The strange artefact was found in a picture taken by the Opportunity rover, which has been trundling over the surface of the Red Planet for the last ten years - or roughly nine years longer than its warranty recommends.

The picture is microscopic, meaning that the cross-in-a-circle shape is minute.

Here's the 'what, you missed it, here it is!' version:

It seems possible that the shape was formed either by the rover itself, or by natural processes which just happened to erode it in that way.

UFO Sightings Daily has other ideas:

"1st a tiny fossil creature.

2nd a unique crystal formation.

3rd micro technology"

Sure. Well, either way it's something to pass the time before NASA goes back at looks at that frog they found the other week. Or the alien helmet. Or the leg.

The funny thing with all these 'finds' is that they are so inherently less interesting than the fact that Mars is the only planet currently known which is entirely inhabited by robots.


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