The New iPad: Here's What We Know

Here's What We Know About The New iPad

Apple will unveil its new iPad on Thursday 16 October, just weeks after having unveiled its brand-new iPhone 6.

This promises to be one of the most interesting iPad launch events of recent years because a) no one really knows what it's going to be called, and b) do people still care as much about the iPad any more?

As phones get bigger are tablets becoming less and less of a requirement? The success of the iPhone 6 Plus seems to suggest that people are willing to choose a larger smartphone in return for not having to carry a large tablet around.

To try and address some of those concerns Apple looks set to unveil its thinnest and lightest iPad yet with rumours pointing to an evolution of the iPad Air that'll see Touch ID make its debut.

There are also reports that the company will finally bring its gold colour scheme to the iPad.

What if the new iPad is still too big? Well Apple addressed this issue a few years ago with the iPad Mini and since then it has been slowly but surely making it better.

One of the biggest changes you can probably expect to see with the iPad Mini is a change in the design, the new Mini will almost certainly be the thinnest yet while the company may try and focus more on the power of these devices.

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