Finally: The Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Now Exists

Self-Cleaning Fish Tank? TICK.

Susan Shelley, a graduate of Loughborough University, has created what she believes is the first truly self-cleaning fish tank.

Called 'Avo' it's a self-contained eco-system that means you'll never have to clean the tank and you'll never have to feed the fish.

How does it work? Well Shelley describes the process in three simple steps:

  • Fish poop and uneaten food create harmful ammonia in the water.
  • The naturally occurring bacteria in the self-maintaining filter convert the ammonia into nitrate.
  • Nitrate is plant fertiliser - the plants remove the nitrate making the water clean and healthy.

The tank uses a dedicated LED light on top which helps accelerate plant growth and keeps the ecosystem of the tank in sync.

After 18 months of testing Shelley is now confident that she can bring her product onto the market and so to help get things moving she's headed to Kickstarter.

With an engineer from Dyson helping with the design and production as well as dedicated PRs Shelley is confident that 'Avo' will be a success.

Indeed the campaign has already beaten its £65,000 goal and still has over 40 days until the time is up.


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