'That's The Weirdest Cat I've Ever Seen In My Life': John Cleese Insults Taylor Swift's Pussy On The Graham Norton Show

John Cleese Insulted Taylor Swift's Cat On The Graham Norton Show, And It Was Very Funny

As any discerning Taylor Swift fan knows, the young songstress owns two cats, one of whom is called Olivia Benson (she's named after a character in 'Law & Order: SVU', dontcha know). Olivia Benson is a Scottish Fold cat - which means she's a little, erm, different-looking.

Or as John Cleese put it on 'The Graham Norton Show': "Is that a proper cat? Or is it damaged irreparably? That's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life.”

Poor old Taylor. Still, at least she didn't call it Kevin Pietersen...


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