114 Year Old Woman Has To Lie About Her Age To Join Facebook

Anna Stoehr is a fan of Facebook, she wants to post pictures, like statuses and be reminded of when people's birthdays are.

Unfortunately for Anna she has to lie about her age to actually use the site because she's 114 years old. Facebook's current age limit is 99.

Stoehr is the oldest-living person in Plainview, Minnesota but that hasn't stopped her wanting to learn how to post tweets, like pictures and get talking on G Chat.

CNET reports that she had recently befriended a Verizon employee called Joseph Ramireza -- who helped her 85 year old son buy an iPhone. Ramireza was so touched by the tech-savvy OAP that he drove hours just to teach her how to get signed up to social media.

Unfortunatley they reached a hurdle when it turned out that Stoehr was too old for Facebook. Together they've composed a request which they've sent to Facebook asking to have the rules changed using Stoehr's simple tagline 'I'm still here'.

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